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Do I need LTC Insurance?

Not if you’re worth $40 million.

However, if you are 40 years-old, you should be thinking about LTC.

If you are over 50, we need to talk!

In fact, let’s talk about odds. The truth is that your odds of needing long term care before the end of your life is 70%. Even more sobering, the average cost for a year of long term care is over 83,000.

So here’s the straight talk. It is more likely than not that you’ll need ltc before you die. Do you have an adequate portfolio to cover that kind of cost? Can (or will) your children be able to afford this expense, or devote the necessary time for your daily care?

It comes down to control. If you want to control your destiny when it comes to your most basic needs, then we should put together an LTC Insurance plan together.

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