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Long Term Care

What is LTC:

Have you or your family been impacted by a long term care crisis? Long Term Care Insurance pays for care cost not covered under medical. We know your members have an increasing need for LTC services. LTC is one of the fastest growing financial protection products within the aging population (Baby-boomer) in the US. LTC Insurance is defined as care that is required because an individual has a prolonged illness or injury and needs help from others in their everyday activities of living. The need for LTC may last for a few months or many years. Members affected could be of any age. This type of care is not covered in most health benefits and the cost of care falls upon the individual needing this type of care. The delivery of this type of care can be obtained in a variety of support services, including care at home. The chances of a member needing this type of care at some point in their life are very much real.

Why CU LTC Advisory Group?

CULTCAG is one of the largest resources of Independent LTC brokers across the nation. They represent the top-rated companies in the industry. Our LTC Specialist have years of experience helping members customize and design flexible plans to meet the members needs and create a peace of mind. Our specialist is trained to assist your members through multiple preferred contact channels, in person, over the phone or WebEx screen sharing. Credit Union LTC Advisory Group’s focus is to work with CU’s and their members to design a custom LTC insurance benefit solution without any additional cost or administration resources to our CU.

CULTCAG’s experience and expertise in regression modeling, segmentation, data mining and digital behavior will help your CU identify the right member at the right time for Long Term Care Insurance!

Benefits of a LTC Program to your member:

  • Unique, member only discounts
  • Access to best in class carriers
  • Asset protection
  • One stop shopping service
  • Access to consultative LTC Specialist
  • Good Health discounts – Save 10% to 20% yearly
  • Possible Federal & State Tax relief
  • Comparative analysuis of traditional LTC, asset based LTC and combo LTC options

Benefits of the LTC program to the CU:

  • Turn key program
  • Retention and attraction of affluent members
  • Residual Non Interest Income revenues stream
  • Asset protection
  • Broaden credit union services
  • Executive Carve Out & staff coverage available
  • Member education
  • No cost to the CU to implement program,
  • No cost marketing support for all Branches
  • Ease of implementation

Long Term Care Advisors
National Offices
2107 Troop Drive
Sartell, 56377

(888) 611-2200 Phone
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