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Mark Berglund

Mark Berglund MBA

Mark focuses on helping clients understand the consequences that an extended care event can have on a family and the benefit of putting a customized long-term care plan in place. He meets with clients to understand their unique needs and creates a plan accordingly. Contact him at (612) 236-8818 or email LTCberglund@gmail.com for a free no obligation consultation.

He also helps clients with life insurance and medicare supplements.


American Association for Long Term Care Insurance

National Long Term Care Network

National Ethics Association

National Eagle Scout Association

P: 612-236-8818
E: marksberglund@gmail.com

16511 Seymour Dr
Minnetonka, MN 55345

Joanne Boyd

Joanne Boyd is a well-respected specialist in the field of long term care financing.  As a specialist in this area, she has extensive knowledge of the personal and financial impact of LTC on a family as well as over 10 years’ experience working with all the top LTC insurance companies.  This allows clients to easily compare benefits and prices of the companies that best suit their needs, with an expert to guide them through the complexities.   As well as being a LTC finance specialist, Joanne is also a nurse practitioner, having earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Utah and a master’s degree from the University of Minnesota.  Her extensive medical background complements the health related issues of long term care underwriting.

How can I learn more?

Just ask a specialist…


Joanne Boyd, RN, MS Long Term Care Finance Specialist

P: 480-699-9610
E: joanneboyd80@gmail.com


John Bramham

P: 864-770-5602
E: johnbramham2000@yahoo.com

708 Highcrest Drive
Greenville, SC 29617

Diana McManaway

P: 352-274-5294
E: dianamcmanaway@gmail.com

208 A 66th St
Holmes Beach, FL 34217

Robert Elliott, CLTC, LTCP

Bob has been a licensed long term care agent for 19 years. In that time he has helped thousands of people solve their long term care problem.

When asked what are the most frequent concerns of his clients he says that he most often hears that clients want to protect assets either for a surviving spouse or as a legacy for children and grand-children.

He makes the observation that when someone purchases a policy that they are not only protecting assets but they are achieving peace of mind for all concerned. Parents need not worry that they’ll be a burden for their kids, and adult children of aging parents need not worry about how they’ll be able to maintain their lives in the face of a need for long term care being experienced by their parents.

He says that his mother is his “poster-child.” She lives in West Virginia where Bob was raised, and has been receiving long-term care benefits for 9 years. She has been able to maintain an independent life-style through the home care benefits of her policy. For Bob, he has been able to move through his life without fear that his mom isn’t being properly cared for.

When asked about the cost effectiveness of a long-term care policy, he remarks that

a person might have a policy for many years before they need care, since the average purchaser is in their 50’s while the average age of needing care is around 78. Yet, when they need care – for as little as 7-8 months – they hit the break-even point.

He remembers his mom telling him after 7 months of care that she was “into the insurance company’s pocket.” When asked what she meant, she showed him her notes, indicating how much total premium she had paid for he policy during her years of ownership, and that at the seven month point the insurance company had paid as much for her care as all the premiums she had paid.  As Bob observes, “having received benefits for 9 years, she’s deep into the insurance company’s pocket”, and in a world where the average long-term care event is 3 to 4 years, for a client to be able to break even in less than a year makes owning a policy a logical approach to retirement planning.

P: 512-858-1998
E: Rpsbob@icloud.com

2407 La Ventana
Driftwood, Tx 78619

Joe Farrish

P: 916-872-4240
E: joefarrish@ltcadvisor.info

, Director of Credit Union Services

Lisa Rim

Lisa A. Rim, CLTC
Long Term Care and Life Insurance Specialist
Serving Alabama, Virginia and Pennsylvania

Lisa Rim is an independent Long Term Care and Life Insurance Agent residing in Florence, AL and serving the states of Alabama, Virginia and Pennsylvania. She is known for her in-depth knowledge and straightforward approach to helping people understand practical and affordable solutions for their long term care and Life insurance needs. She can help assess your needs and help you choose an appropriate insurance strategy to help maintain your financial security.

Lisa’s family experiences with long term care issues drove home the importance of early planning. Her approach is to educate, inform, and present all available options to help you get the facts you need.


My mission is to help educate as well as protect consumers and families from the potentially significant financial and psychological costs of this extended care. Long term care planning needs to take place before the point is reached where one becomes uninsurable.

I am committed to helping you and your loved ones make your own well informed choices regarding this complex subject while you are still active and healthy enough to act.NEA Logo

P: 804-240-6880
E: asklisaltc@comcast.net

104 Castlewood Court
Florence, AL 35630

Gerry Cogan

Gerry Cogan

Jerry Cogan, CLU has over 20 years experience assisting individuals in the understanding of Long Term Care Insurance. During that period he has represented a variety of companies including Northwestern Mutual, Genworth, Prudential, and many others. The choice of company is based on what best suits the individual rather than being limited to only one company. This marrying of a client’s needs with a company’s product is where Jerry excels.

Jerry is always expanding his knowledge to provide the most current solutions to proper planning. His education includes obtaining a CLU degree which represents advanced study in planning and preserving assets for individuals and their families. In addition he is an approved instructor for the Insurance Continuing Education classes in California.

Jerry is always available to provide guidance and solutions for individuals seeking answers to questions regarding their Long Term Care and related problems.

P: (818) 642-3802
E: gerryclu@gmail.com

5501 Newcastle Ave, Apt #324
Encino, CA 91316

Jim Marks

P: 319-415-9215
E: jemarks1@msn.com

31813 Butler Ave
New Hartford, IA 50660

James Montreuil

James Montreuil is an independent financial advisor and licensed insurance broker who has established a long and proud career successfully helping thousands of seniors learn the facts about Long-Term Care, Medicare and Medicaid in order to protect their health, dignity, independence, lifestyle and families. He is licensed in NY, CT and NJ, and has been specially certified to represent both the NY and CT State LTC Partnership Programs. He is a featured speaker before many organizations and businesses, and has written several published articles and guides. He is President of the insurance brokerage company, Trivector Ltd., which he founded in 1995, and has enjoyed running it since. His office is at One Huntington Quadrangle in Melville, NY.

P: 631-678-7000
E: jemltc@optonline.net

5 Roslyn St.
Huntington, NY 11743

Bob Stephens

Bob is associated with LTC Advisors and represents several companies. He has been licensed to sell life, health, and annuity products since 1971. He is a graduate of Louisiana Tech University School of Business. Feel free to contact him at your convenience.

P: 281-458-7878
E: bstephens5642@earthlink.net

14710 Golden Bough Lane
Humble, TX 77396

Howard Snyder

Since 2002 Howard Snyder has been a leading specialist and educator for Long Term Care Insurance Planning. He has led educational seminars for professional groups, educators, law firms, and other employer groups. Before entering the LTC insurance field, he helped run a family business founded by his father, Art Snyder. For over 20 years he helped grow the company which sold cleaning and maintenance supplies in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio.  In addition, Howard continues his love of music as a professional piano player at parties, weddings, and other venues.

Over the years, Howard has uncovered 3 major reasons why people buy Long Term Care Insurance.

  1. Many people are afraid of becoming a physical or financial burden to their families. Many know firsthand what it is like to be a caregiver and this experience left them determined not to let that happen to their own family.
  2. People want to stay at home as long as possible so they’re looking for an option that allows them to get the care they need in the comfort of their own home.
  3. People worry about protecting the assets they have worked a lifetime to accumulate. LTC services are expensive and people know they probably can’t afford to pay for everything out of their own pockets.

Having a plan to protect the future may be better than not having a plan.  Howard Snyder’s role is to help provide a simple education on LTC Insurance so people can make an informed decision based on knowing all of the options available and which company may be best for them. Most people realize that working with a specialist is the best way to address this very critical piece of retirement planning.

Click for LTC articles: Kiplinger Make LTC Affordable: Dec. 2, 2013

 Post-Gazette PA Partner

P: 412-781-2022
E: howardsnyder3@verizon.net

113 Alleyne Dr.
Pittsburgh, PA 15215

Frank Souk

My mission is to help educate as well as protect my clients from the potentially significant financial and psychological costs of needing long-term care. It is my goal to help families and individuals make well-informed choices when it comes to protecting their financial future. Not everyone realizes that in general, long-term care insurance must be obtained before they become uninsurable or before they reach a point in their lives where long-term care becomes necessary. I am committed to helping you and your loved-ones make your own well-informed choices regarding this complex subject while you are still active and healthy enough to act.

About Frank Souk

Frank is recognized through out Wisconsin as a “Long-term Care Specialist” and a leading producer, his expertise and speaking talents are sought out by private individuals, companies, and other financial planners.

Frank has completed the Certification in Long-Term Care and was a member of the Genworth National Advisory Council.

Frank specializes in long-term care insurance, comparison and plan design customized to meet your individual needs. He represents the leading Long Term Carriers as a Long Term Care Insurance Specialist selling LTC Insurance plans to the people of Wisconsin. He can assist you in designing an appropriate and affordable plan for you and your family.

Licensed to offer Long-term care insurance and related products, Frank is a certified field underwriter and seminar speaker. Frank has helped to protect the estates and assets of clients throughout Wisconsin, while also providing options and choices leading to their peace of mind, dignity, and access to quality care.

Frank is a firm believer that there are appropriate alternatives and affordable solutions that will enable people to maintain their independence, protect their assets, and prevent them from becoming a burden to others.

Frank and his wife Alaine have resided in the Brookfield area since 1987. He graduated from West Virginia University in 1969 with a Bachelor of Science degree. He has first hand knowledge of the potentially significant impact long term care can have on an individual or their family. In a caring and supportive way he provides advice to individuals looking to help protect their hard-earned assets and maintain their financial independence and dignity. Frank is also available to give seminars/sales presentations and group talks on the issues involving long term care in America.

If you are an individual, Small Business Owner, CPA, Financial Planner, Attorney, Corporate Human Relations Department, or the Media and would like to work with Frank Souk, Please use the contact information in the upper right hand corner.

P: 262-781-5515
E: ltcfranksouk@gmail.com

18650 B St. Andrews Lane
Brookfield, WI 53045

Chris Spaulding

Christine and Robert Spaulding have over 25 years experience between them in the insurance industry. Robert’s expertise is Financial Advising, Annuities, Health, Life Insurance, and Medicare programs. Christine’s focus has always been Long Term Care Insurance and has been a Specialist in her field for over 10 years. Christine has given many presentations in her community on the subject of Long Term Care. She is recognized in the Metropolitan Who’s Who for her outstanding leadership and achievement in the Long Term Care profession and is a member of the Better Business Bureau.

Christine and Robert have called Sparks, Nevada their home since 1991. They give back to their community through their volunteer work with the S.A.F.E. PROGRAM. They are Special Advocates For Elders who work for the Court System to make sure Elders are protected from physical, emotional, and financial abuse.

P: 775-342-2001
E: c_r_spaulding@msn.com

815 Kiley Pkwy Unit 2206
Sparks, NV 89436

Lynn Tait

Lynn comes from an agricultral background with 20 years of experience being involved in the family farm in North Dakota.

In 1994 Lynn entered the financial planning business in Alexandria MN area, specializing in long term care insurance and Medicare health plans.  His goal is to serve his clients with the best possible plan in assest protection, by personally planning a meaningful and affordable solution for each individual.

Lynn represents most major Medicare health carriers including Medica and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota. If you are tuning 65 in the near future contact Lynn today!


P: 888-611-2200
E: lynn@ltcalex.com

406 E 3rd Ave., Ste #3
Alexandria, MN 56308

Ira Weiss

One of the most difficult decisions that people make is deciding how to protect themselves and their family from long-term care problems. The issue is complex because unlike almost any other type of problem that a person can have, long-term care is truly a family issue with ramifications for both finances and family relationships.

There is no universal solution and no one size fits all solution either. What works for your neighbor or your best friend may not work for you. The policy that your brother bought may be good for him but not good for you.

The key to long-term care planning is developing a plan of care that is right for you and right for your family.

As an expert in the field, I personally believe that understanding what long-term care is, understanding care options and then developing a care plan is critical. Whether one needs an insurance policy or even which insurance policy to purchase cannot be determined until a care of plan is developed.

My goal is to help you develop a long-term care plan so that you can make the decision as to whether an insurance policy is necessary or not.

My background is accounting and finance. In past years, I was a professional with a major firm of Certified Public Accountants. I also ran my own real estate development business for close to twenty-years. I have been a long-term care agent for nine years having learned the hard way that long-term care is a personal family tragedy that must be planned for.

Please call me if you want to chat.

Ira Weiss

P: (718) 761-9111
E: iweissllc@mindspring.com

26 Mulberry Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10314

Valerie Wynn

Valerie Wynn specializes in Long Term Care Solutions and is certified by the State of Texas for the new Texas Partnership Plan. She is recognized as one of the top LTC advisors in the country, providing solutions that bring dignity, comfort, and independence without financial burden to you, your partner, or your family.

She represents all major carriers, allowing her to customize programs based on her clients’ specific needs. Valerie is able to determine an optimum solution based upon long term care needs, medical history, benefit requirements, and financial circumstances. She is an expert in planning for the cost of long term care, and consults regularly with financial planners, elder law attorneys, benefits managers, and individuals.

Valerie knows first hand the financial impact home health care and assisted living has on a family and became personally interested in educating about the need for Long Term Care planning and protecting family assets.

Valerie Wynn is an expert in family, domestic partner, shared care partner, and company sponsored policies. Licensed by the State of Texas and is available for educational seminars, employee development programs, and tax advantage consultations Long Term Care policies. Her philosophy is finding the best solutions for the clients, custom policy design, and comparing benefits/cost from several companies.

P: 512-796-7680
E: valerie@wtexsr.com

2820 62nd St.
Lubbock, TX 79413

David Young

David Young is a Senior Long Term Care Specialist for Long Term Care Advisors. Personal experience has taught him why planning for the financial and emotional consequences of a long term care event is critical for baby-boomer and senior generations.

Through a process of education and needs assessment he has helped hundreds of families develop and implement plans to assure their independence and peace of mind.

He graduated from Kansas State University and has since continued his education around this important subject in order to better serve the best interests of his clients.

David and his family have lived in Eden Prairie, Minnesota since 1995.

P: 952-937-0878
E: davidyoung@ltcadvisor.info

6474 Kingfisher Lane
Eden Prairie, MN 55346

Pat O’Brien

My mission is to help responsible adults, as well as their relatives, friends, neighbors, & associates, protect their assets and dignity from the horrendous financial and emotional costs of long term care. People do not realize just how important Long Term Care Insurance is until they have become either medically uninsurable, or worse, financially devastated. I don’t want that to happen to you!

I specialize in LTC insurance, and represent many of the major and most financially secure carriers, with the very widest choices of coverage. I can— and will— assist you in designing the proper plan, tailored specifically for your needs, if it is appropriate to do so.

P: 715-634-8976
E: ob56@centurytel.net

13046 Old OO
Hayward, WI 54843

Lowell Schwitters

My wife, Marcia and I live on a farm near Raymond, MN. We have 4 children of which 3 are involved in agriculture. I’ve been in Long Term Care Sales for 9 years and have been with Long Term Care Advisors from their beginning. I appreciate the LTC business as a way to be of service to people; helping them make decisions that will enhance their financial future and that of their family where caring counts.

P: 320-354-2839
E: lmschwit@hcinet.net

301 Wachtler Ave. E.
Clara City, MN 56222

Jim Foster

In 2006 Jim joined the prestigious firm, Long Term Care Advisors, national leaders in long-term care protection and asset preservation. Long Term Care Advisors consists of specialists with extensive training and expertise in long term care planning and are independent professionals able to present their clients with a wide array of carriers and policies to best meet client needs.

Foster promotes his service via personal interviews, seminars and professional alliances.

P: 205-706-4343
E: jim@ltcplan.com

1412 Badham Drive
Vestavia Hills, AL 35216

Bob Gardner

Bob Gardner is a seasoned business and investment manager with more than 10 years experience as a life & health insurance agent, specializing in long term care planning, in Arizona & California. He is Bilingual Spanish/English and multi-cultural with a diverse domestic and international cultural background.

Bob enjoys working with individuals and families at the “kitchen table” and with small business management, to develop long term care plans that fit individual needs and budgets. He works with a number of different professionals who believe their clients deserve specialized long term care planning.

Bob has a degree in Humanities and a BA in History and Education. He lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife of 50 years and their grandson.

Bob does not believe that long term care insurance is appropriate for everyone but he does believe that everyone should have a long term care plan.

P: 602-368-4380
E: bob.gardner.ltc@gmail.com

2817 E. Hononegh Dr.
Phoenix, AZ 85050

Steve Hanzlik

Steve has obtained five college degrees from St. Cloud State University including a Bachelor and Master degrees in Business Administration. His life and career have been devoted to informing others about financial concerns in life including 27 years teaching and researching in the areas of consumer education and economics, as well as being a general manager for a company in MN & WI.

Steve has had first hand knowledge of long term care needs after spending a year caring for his elderly parents before they moved to assisted living.

For the past eight years he has focused on the long term care insurance industry and joined Long Term Care Advisors five years ago. Steve’s goal is to help advise and design individual plans for people wishing to protect their assets while maintaining their independence and control of future decisons regarding their long term care needs.

P: 320-852-7517
E: Hanzliks@rea-alp.com

2540 Sandhill Lane NE
Alexandria, MN 56308

Ron Hows

Ron Hows, an agent with Long Term Care Advisors, has over seventeen years of experience in the long-term care insurance (LTCI) industry. As an independent broker with Long Term Care Advisors, Ron is able to offer clients the freedom to purchase from among the top LTCI carriers. Ron is currently licensed in California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington and is certified to sell the Partnership Plans in the first three states.

Ron’s role as an advisor is to help educate area residents about long term care solutions. By assisting clients in exploring their options he is able to recommend a practical, cost effective insurance plan. Considerations include: health, desires and affordability. Recommendations are based on the client’s needs matched to the offerings of leading carriers with various features such as the Partnership Plans, home care, cash and group plans.

With the advances in Internet technology, Ron has developed a process by which consumers can gather information online and through an interactive telephone and Internet consultation. It is no longer necessary to meet in person in the home or an office setting. Through screen sharing technology, Ron can educate consumers on their long-term care options and compare different insurance companies.

To meet with Ron, simply call or e-mail him to set up an in-home or online appointment. If you would like to investigate long term care, his website is a great source of information.

P: 775-853-8389
E: ronhows@hotmail.com

9190 Double Diamond Pkwy., Suite 131
Reno, NV 89521

Pat Kennedy

Hello, I am Pat Kennedy and I live in Bentonville, Arkansas. I have specialized in Long Term Care Insurance for over 15 years.

I am a graduate of The University of Arkansas. While playing on the Razorback Golf Team, I earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Educations in 1974.

My wife Susan and I were married in April 1992 on my 40th Birthday. We have two great children—both graduates of The University of Arkansas—Ben Bogle in Computer Science and Erin Bogle in Animal Science.

Prior to my insurance career, I was in the Mortgage Banking Industry for 12 years as a credit manager and account executive. Having grown up in Van Buren, I wanted to get back to Arkansas someday. After living in Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Tulsa, Little Rock and Kansas City, I finally got my chance to relocate to North West Arkansas in 1991. I can’t imagine living anywhere else!

I am an avid Razorback fan, play golf whenever possible, and participate in the local Memory Walk fund raiser of the Alzheimers Association to help find a cure for this dreaded disease.

I was attracted to the Long Term Care Insurance Industry as a result of my family experience. When my Dad was 59, he suffered a debilitating stroke and was forced to take disability retirement from the Civil Service. Since neither of my parents had Long Term Care Coverage, I watched my Mom grow old and lose her health as a result of caring for my Dad over the next 17 years. Eventually my Mom required Long Term Care assistance also.

I have seen first hand, over a twenty year period, the financial and emotional devastation caused by not being protected by Long Term Care Insurance.

P: 479-273-7326
E: pat.kennedy101@gmail.com

12000 Cody Circle
Bentonville, AR 72712

Bob McClellan

Since 1999, Bob has focused his insurance business on specializing in Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI) in Kansas City. Through his position with Long Term Care Advisors, a national brokerage and his own agency, Long Term Solutions, Bob has available leading carriers for LTCI. With the availability of multiple carriers, specialized training in plan and benefit design and the resources of a national organization throughout the country, Bob is better able to meet the (LTCI) needs of clients.

Bob works with individuals, professionals, groups, small local business and larger regional and national businesses. He provides group talks and education programs for civic and professional organizations. He also works with attorneys, estate planners, financial advisors and accountants in helping solve their clients long term needs. Continuing education and weekly training allow Bob to offer the latest and best product and plan design.

Bob has lived in the Kansas City area for over 30 years with his wife and daughters. He has been involved in local civic and service organizations including Gladstone Rotary where he has served as President as well as other offices. He was on the Gladstone Planning Commission and was active in local politics for a number of years. Bob enjoys helping people and it is his goal to bring the best possible solutions to individuals to meet the challenges of a long term care need while they have a choice.

P: 816-361-0394
E: bob@ltcadvisor.info

10308 N. Dalton Ave.
Kansas City, MO 64154

John Nakao

John Nakao

“We found long-term care coverage to be too expensive until we met & discussed options with John.  He was very professional & knowledgeable.  We appreciated his ability to communicate a valuable resource to us without putting us under any pressure to purchase the insurance.  I highly recommend discussing long-term care with John to discover how this insurance can help protect your assets.”  Dr. John Dekle

John Wesley Nakao is Certified in Long Term Care and has seventeen years of experience in the long term care and life insurance industry.  He is a specialist with Long Term Care Advisors, a nationwide network of independent long-term care specialists that broker all long-term care and life companies.  John attended Washington State University, graduated from the University of Hawaii, then was an exchange student at Doshisha University, Kyoto and lived in Japan for three years. After graduate school, he was a stockbroker and captive long term care specialist with ltci pioneers General Electric Long-Term Care and John Hancock.  John became an independent broker in 2004 and compares long term care, life insurance and annuity companies for the best value based on your finances, health and individual needs.

“Seventy-five percent of people over age 65 eventually will need long-term care.”  Mutual of Omaha Report, 2012

People own long term care protection because they love their family and want to: 1) Protect income and assets for their family,  2)  Get care in their own home rather than a nursing home and,  3)  Don’t want to be a physical, emotional, financial and opportunity cost burden to their family.

“Out of all the types of insurance that people purchase, such as home, casualty, or disability,  long term care is one that most people will most likely call upon and use.” CPA Client Tax Letter, April/May/June 2002

John has helped hundreds of families protect assets, assure in-home care and reduce the family burden of long term care. Many clients have expressed the benefits of being educated in simple clarity and having peace of mind in protecting themselves from the 75% likelihood of needing long term care.

“Most of America’s Baby Boomers will spend their retirement years either with Alzheimer’s or caring for someone who has it.”  Alzheimer’s Association Report 2011

Living in Ala Moana Center, John enjoys surfing, biking, swimming and jogging and competed in the first Honolulu Triathlon.  He has served on missions trips to China, Indonesia, Nepal and Israel and written travel articles published in local newspapers.  He and his wife support seven third-world children through World Vision, Shared Hope, a rescue ministry for trafficked girls and a missionary family in Japan.  John participates in nursing home music outreaches and was a volunteer chaplain at a medical center for five years.

“Long-term care is the single most catastrophic financial risk you face. And that’s why the protection of insurance is so important.”  Wall Street Journal – Smart Money, May 2008

Please email or call me for no-obligation information or quotes at ltcadvisor7@gmail.com or (808) 485-8888.  Thank you very much!

Click here for more:  nakao-client-recommendations

Click here for more:  nakao-client-recommendations-2

P: 808-485-8888
E: ltcadvisor7@gmail.com

1555 Kapiolani Blvd. #1701
Honolulu, HI 96814

Dwayne Dowell

Dwayne K Dowell is a Certified Public Accountant/Personal Financial Specialist

Dwayne K Dowell is a Certified Public Accountant/Personal Financial Specialist with over 25 years of experience working with individuals and small businesses. Dwayne has consulted with individuals concerning Long Term Care Needs, Insurance and Retirement Needs, Wealth Preservation and Asset Protection, and Small Business Owners on Succession Planning.

Dwayne compares several companies to match your finances, health history and needs. His goal is to help families protect assets, assure at-home care and reduce the family burden of long term care. Many clients have expressed the benefits of being simply educated and having peace of mind in protecting themselves from the 60% likelihood of needing long term care.

“Out of all the types of insurance that people purchase, such as home casualty, or disability long term care is one that most people will most likely call upon and use.” CPA Client Tax Letter, April/May/June 2002.

People love their family & own long term care protection because:

  1. They want to protect income and assets to leave to their family
  2. They want “anti-nursing home insurance” and get care in their own home rather than a nursing home
  3. They don’t want to be a physical, emotional and financial burden to their family.

“More than 50% of Americans will need some form of long term care, either home care or institutional care, at some point in their lives, according to the Health Insurance Association of America.” Wall Street Journal, 10/22/01.

Other professional distinctions include the Certification in Long Term Care (CLTC), Chartered Retirement Planning Specialist (CRPC), Certified Wealth Preservation Professional (CWPP) and Certified Asset Protection Professional (CAPP). Additionally, Dwayne is the first Veteran Administration’s Accredited Claims Agent in the State of Kentucky.

Please note that Dwayne does not want to interfere with your existing CPA/Tax Preparer relationship in offering these non-traditional CPA services. This is an area of expertise that is unique and not traditionally performed by Certified Public Accountants. Dwayne graduated from Duke University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Economics and a Masters of Business Administration from Golden Gate University with an emphasis in tax law. Dwayne believes in a Goal Based approach to financial planning, identifying resources which are available for use, design a plan to maximize value, and to protect and preserve assets.

“Long term care in the single biggest threat to whatever wealth an older person has.” Generations, American Society on Aging, 9/96.

Dwayne is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accounts – Personal Financial Planning Section Member, Kentucky Society of Certified Public Accountants National Care Planning Council, American Association for Long Term Care Insurance, and Corporation for Long Term Care Certification.

“The Best time to get long-term care is before the age 54!” Suze Orman, TV Financial Planner

P: 502-657-6428
E: dkdowell@dkdcpa.com

9900 Corporate Campus Dr., Ste 3000
Louisville, KY 40223

David Clemons

I have been specializing in Long Term Care Insurance since 2002. I am known for my expertise and straightforward approach to helping people understand the practical and affordable solutions for their long term care needs. I will help you to assess your long term care requirements and choose and appropriate insurance program to help protect your financial independence and maintain your financial security. By representing multiple insurance companies, I can help you determine which company meets your needs best.

I have been an Endorsed Local Provider (ELP) for the Dave Ramsey Organization since 2009 and teach the Financial Peace University Class.

In addition to Long Term Care Insurance, I also work in Life Insurance, Annuities and Medicare Supplement Insurances. So I can help you or your family and friends with many types of coverages.

I also have many professionals that I network with that I can refer you to based on other financial, legal or personal needs.

A 1979 graduate of the University of Idaho, I have lived in Kirkland, Washington since 1993 and am married to my wife Bari and have two daughters, Andrea and Brynn. I  spend my free time working out in the gym, on the bike trail or on the golf course. I attend Eastside Christian Fellowship church in Kirkland.

P: 425-823-8961
E: dgcclem@earthlink.net

10515 NE 120th Place
Kirkland, WA 98034

Mark Berglund

Mark Berglund MBA

Mark meets with clients to understand their unique needs and to create a tailored plan. One plan does not fit all. Working with our office allows you to choose from many insurance carriers.

Mark focuses on helping clients understand the consequences that an extended care event can have on a family and the benefit of putting a customized long-term care plan in place. He has grown the Greater Twin Cities branch to also assist clients with Medicare, Life, Disability, and Health Insurance, servicing approximately 2000 clients.

For answers to your long term care insurance questions from a second generation long term care specialist and to help you find appropriate coverage, contact him at (612) 236-8818 or email LTCberglund@gmail.com for a free no obligation consultation


  • American Association for Long Term Care Insurance
  • National Long Term Care Network
  • National Ethics Association
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**WSJ Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for Long-Term Care Insurance:   wsj-mistakes-to-avoid-when-shopping-for-long-term-care-insurance

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Minnesota State Long Term Care Partnership Information
Long-term care: How to pay for the last yearsBy WARREN WOLFE, StarTribune.com MINNEAPOLIS-ST. PAUL, MINNESOTAJanuary 23, 2008After watching their mom’s assisted-living costs soar to $70,000 a year as her dementia deepened, sisters Janet Sullivan and Lisa Richardson decided this month to buy long-term care insurance policies for themselves.”We have kind of a social responsibility to do what we can to prepare for our future — to go on public assistance for our own care only as a last resort,” said Sullivan, 50, of Wayzata. “If we’re not going to overburden the next generation, we have to start planning now.”Without fanfare, the state this month has quietly launched an effort to entice more Minnesotans to buy private long-term care insurance.Called the Long-Term Care Partnership — now approved in 16 states — the program is aimed largely at helping baby boomers avoid catastrophic costs of nursing homes or assisted living.

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