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This is a place where you can learn about long term care planning, read about me, request quotes and more! Please reach out via email or call me so that I may answer any questions you have personally. I look forward to helping you in the future.

Joanne Boyd is a well-respected specialist in the field of long term care financing.  As a specialist in this area, she has extensive knowledge of the personal and financial impact of LTC on a family as well as over 10 years’ experience working with all the top LTC insurance companies.  This allows clients to easily compare benefits and prices of the companies that best suit their needs, with an expert to guide them through the complexities.   As well as being a LTC finance specialist, Joanne is also a nurse practitioner, having earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Utah and a master’s degree from the University of Minnesota.  Her extensive medical background complements the health related issues of long term care underwriting.

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Joanne Boyd, RN, MS Long Term Care Finance Specialist

At least 70% of people over 65 will need long term care services at some point. Start Planning Now

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